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World, meet EDWARD, electric-powered diwheel

World, Meet EDWARD. This electric-powered diwheel is a project created by engineering students at the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Univers... Read Full Review


The Ford Focus Electric

Ford unveiled the Focus Electric at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year and plans to put it on the road as a 2013 model... Read Full Review


Top 10 Noisemakers for Electric Vehicles

Many EV manufacturers are including noise makers on their electric cars. Here's our list of favored ideas for our own EV noises.If an electric vehicle... Read Full Review


Mercedes E-Cell: AMGee Whiz!

Built on the high-performance SLS AMG speedster, the E-Cell version will have performance nearly matching its famous 6.3L V8 gas-engine counterpart. ... Read Full Review


Variable Torque Motors - American Made Efficiency

One of the largest down-sides to electric motors is their inherent efficiency range and, in hybrid systems, the drag they can create on the drive trai... Read Full Review


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