Myers NmG2 - The Sticker Shock Might Make Me Walk

Myers NmG is a single-occupant, highway-capable electric vehicle. Now, Myers is launching the company's second effort, the tentatively named NmG2, an undeniably more appealing vehicle in many respects.
images from Myers Motors
by Ross Bonander


  • Type: Personal electric vehicle
  • Class: 2-passenger, 3-wheeled motorcycle
  • Manufacturer: Myers Motors
  • Top Speed: 75 mph
  • Vehicle range: 60 miles
  • Fuel(s): Electric
  • Battery system: Lithium-battery
  • Time to full battery recharge: 6-8 hours
  • Price: Approx. $30,000
  • Availability: 2010

The says

"While people love our zippy single-passenger model, we know that sometimes you want to take a friend along for the ride."


Myers Motors was founded when Dana Myers snapped up the ailing Corbin Sparrow, made some tweaks, and birthed the Myers NmG (No more Gas), a single-occupant, highway-capable electric vehicle the fugly design of which gave new meaning to the term 'vehicular manslaughter.' Now, Myers is launching the company's second effort, the tentatively named NmG2, an undeniably more appealing vehicle in many respects.

What we like

The design: This is a rather handsome design, not just compared to its ugly sister, but even by itself.

The interior: I can't lie, that looks pretty nice. Sure it's computer-generated but it has a 'really luxurious leather interior' look. Very cozy.

The fact-sheet beat down: Myers' fact-sheet goes off on a vehicle class I hate as much as they seem to, the NEV, concluding with the plea, "Please don't call the NmG an NEV… the NmG's 75+ mph zip comes with instant torque that makes it drive like a sports car and glide up hills with ease. "

The testimonials: Under the "I heart my NmG" click, Myers runs testimonials from actual owners. The featured person when I was there last was an enthusiastic owner with the Norse myth/Wagnerian name of Sigurdur Petursson. His profile was first published on a runestone in Scandinavia sixteen centuries ago. A civil servant who works in the Department of Rape and Pillage, Sigurdur's last vehicle was a Snekkja Longship.

The contest: Myers has launched a PR campaign that asks the public to give this 2-person car a name. Here's my idea: Dump the NmG name and unite both vehicles under one label: The Plague. The flagship single-occupant spore becomes the Plague EV vehicle (Endemic Virus), and the newer, more attractive double-occupant vehicle, the Myers IV (Inactivated Vaccine).

What we don't

The price: $30,000? Come on, this is lunacy. The Corbin Sparrow, albeit with a significantly weaker battery, sold for $16,995. The original NmG premiered with an MSRP of $34,900. Over time it dropped to just under $30,000. Now, word is that the NmG2 will open at around $30,000, and that the price of the NmG won't be coming down.

The economic culpability: In 1928 Herbert Hoover was on the campaign trail headed for the presidency. He promised Americans that a vote for Hoover was a vote for a "chicken in every pot and a car in every garage." A year later the economy was in ruins, and most sensible people agreed that the slogan was bad news, and that it caused the Depression.

Last year, against the advice of Presidential historians, Myers launched the "Electric Car in every garage" campaign. It wasn't long before the economy was in ruins. Coincidence? I don't think so.


The three-wheeler market of the future is piling up. More and more start-ups—and even a couple major car makers—can see the many benefits they offer the consumer and have started tooling with prototypes and previewing concepts. Unfortunately, the consumer hasn't seen these benefits yet, and it's going to require an enormous effort to open their eyes.

When it happens—and it will, to some degree—the NmG2 will be waiting with its whopping price tag in the window. Expect it to wipe out, Hannibal-style, a legion of would-be EV owners.

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