Hybrid Yacht from Sauter

What happens when you combine state-of-the-art hybrid technology, jet propulsion, and the latest in luxury yacht design? You get the Atlantic Sea Hawk.
sauter yacht
Image courtesy of Sauter Design

by Aaron Turpen


  • Type: Yacht
  • Class: 18m Cabin Cruiser
  • Manufacturer: Sauter Design
  • Propulsion system: Rolls Royce Kamewa FF water jets (x3)
  • Top Speed: 50 knots
  • Battery system: Allison ESS2 NiMH (100kWh)
  • Price: Don't ask

The manufacturer says

"Her state of the art Solar Hybrid technology addresses the issue of global warming pollution by achieving a 50 to 100% reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The Atlantic Sea Hawk combines a plug-in Sunpower solar array with an Allison Hybrid system to produce the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world."


Here at FutureCars, we are usually looking at vehicles with wheels. Once in a while, though, we turn to the water. Especially when something as awesome as the Atlantic Sea Hawk shows up.

Sure, we've covered some hybrid and fuel cell boats before, but nothing like this baby.

The Sea Hawk is an 18 meter yacht capable of traveling at speeds up to 50 knots. For you land lubbers out there, that's about 57.6 miles per hour - a pretty good clip. Cruising speed is about 30 knots. The speed is accommodated by three Rolls Royce Kamewa FF water jets, some of the most efficient and powerful engines available for a craft of this size.

The Atlantic is a hybrid, capable of producing 300kW per engine (900kW) on the Allison Hybrid HP50 Drives it uses. These produce power that combines with that generated by the 30kWs solar panels that make up the rooftop and foredeck. Overall, the yacht uses about 50%-75% less fuel than a non-hybrid counterpart would, depending on its speed.

The nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries store up to 100kWh of power, enough to allow cruising for distances of about 100Nm at speed and to enter and leave harbor without using any fuel.

The yacht can plug into the grid while docked and feed up to 11MW hours of power back in ñ equivalent to offsetting 1,000 nautical miles of cruising.

On board, of course, the yacht is about as luxurious as a speed craft of this type can get. Sauter Carbon Offset Design took no corner cutting when they designed the decks. Couches, tables, a galley, and seating as well as captain's chairs are up top, both under the roof and at the rear. Below are sleeping quarters for five, and three lavatories, providing the comforts of home.

atlantic hawk

The Atlantic Sea Hawk is a beautiful as it is functional and luxurious. But most of all, it's fast. One of the coolest FutureCarsBoats we've seen in a long time.

What we like

Beautiful, fast yacht for the playboy who prefers to take it to sea. Great design, lots of power, and plenty of innovation to boot.

Very green with its extreme fuel savings, ability to plug-in, and other refinements.

What we don't

Not yet produced, the Sea Hawk is a design on paper, but Atlantic Motoryachts plans to offer them soon.

Aaron lives nowhere near the coast here in Wyoming..


This is a beautiful cabin cruiser with everything the discerning, eco-conscious yachtsman would want. Innovation meets luxury on the open sea.

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