Nemo Electric Truck: Finding Utility

The Nemo is a 100% recyclable, 60+ mile ranged, versatile pickup truck replacement for industrial use. It's all-electric, has a 1,000 pound payload, and has low operation and maintenance costs. The truck is built in Canada by Nemo Vehicle, Inc. and is available now.
photos from Nemo

by Aaron Turpen


  • Type: All Electric
  • Class: Pickup / Light Utility
  • Manufacturer: Nemo Motors
  • Propulsion system: Electric
  • Top Speed: 40km/h (25mph)
  • Vehicle range: 115km (70 miles)
  • Fuel(s): Electricity
  • Battery system: 12 6V lead-acid
  • Time to full battery recharge: 12 hours full, 6 hours 80%
  • Price: $20,000 base
  • Availability: North America

The manufacturer says

Our goal is to become a worldwide recognized brand and the leader in manufacturing of electric utility vehicles. After 5 years of research and development, testing and certification, Nemo Motors has started to deliver to its first clients this year.


The Nemo is a versatile, light utility truck that can be configured in multiple ways. It's innovative aluminum framing, ABS paneling, and 1,000 pound carrying capacity make it a versatile on-site vehicle for construction, maintenance, and industrial use.

It's all-electric, so the Nemo has no emissions or pollution from the tailpipe. It's electronically speed-limited to 25mph, making it a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), legal in most cities and towns.

Currently, the truck is being sold in Canada and is manufactured in the Province of Quebec with primary manufacture happening at a plant in Sainte-Therese. The Nemo can be ordered with flatbed, side rails, dumper, or box truck configurations, as needed. It's relative low-cost and near-zero maintenance make it ideal for many cost-saving needs.

Nemo is an official supplier to Transport Canada, as of 2007, and is licensed for sale in Canada. In the U.S., as an NEV, the Nemo is legal nearly everywhere, off-highway.

What we like

Cheap ñ the Nemo is definitely cheap, starting at only $20k USD base. A Nemo with good equipment options runs about $25k, very affordable and in the same range as similar, gasoline or propane-powered trucks of the same class.

Versatile - because the Nemo is small, lightweight, and can be configured in several ways to fit the job, it's also capable of indoor use as there are no tailpipe emissions. This could be used in warehouses, on job sites, and many other places where emissions and sound are important considerations.

What we don't

Low-Speed - for legal and price reasons, Nemo Motors kept the speed limited to 25mph. That is great for industrial use in many situations, but it also means that for most of us regular Joes, it'd be nothing but a toy.

Almost No U.S. Sales - so far, this truck is unknown in the USA. Mostly because of its speed limitations and most of the company's marketing has been focused on Canadian buyers - especially in the French-speaking Quebec area where it's manufactured.


The Nemo is a great concept and a good option for a lot of insutrial and job site needs. For everyday people, however, it's probably not really an option as $20-$25k for what amounts to a (really useful) glorified golf cart is probably more than we'd like to spend.

For municipal and commercial uses, however, this is a near-perfect option for utility and service in urban and off-highway areas.

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