General Motors looking to put the Cadillac Converj into Production


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Manufacturer: General Motors
Make: Cadillac Converj
In Brief: Although the Converj was initially introduced strictly as a concept car, there is now word that some GM execs are hoping to put the vehicle into production, and soon.

Introduction at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show

It was at the subdued 2009 Detroit Auto Show that GM presented the Cadillac Converj, a stunning plug-in hybrid concept car that floored the crowds. But there was no real reason to think at the time that the Converj as it was presented had any ostensible future.


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But Motor Authority is suggesting that the opposition to the Converj as a production vehicle—both within GM and at the US Treasury Department—has faded for one reason or another, and that Bob Lutz, GM's marketing chief (former vice chairman of the board) is looking for avenues to make the Converj a reality.

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The Converj would likely share its platform and plug-in hybrid drivetrain with the Chevy Volt since GM will have to get those into more than just the Volt in order to have any hope of making a profit in Bob's lifetime. The Converj then would be an extended-range EV capable of 40 miles on battery power alone, with a top speed of about 100 mph.

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Should he succeed, the vehicle wouldn't hit the market until at least 2014, and there is no reason whatsoever to think it'll be anything less than what Caddy fans have come to expect from their brand—namely, high quality and a big sticker price, although even they may suffer some shock when they see the final figure on this one.

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