Fiat 500 getting hybrid, CNG technology


In brief: The Fiat 500 is soon to get both a hybrid-electric and a compressed option.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 500
Manufacturer: Fiat

The word

The popular city car and Fiat's top-seller worldwide, the Fiat 500, will be getting both a gasoline hybrid-electric model and a CNG variant in the near future.

A video from TechVehi is an internal product-training video by Chrysler-Fiat to show the company's TWinAir engine innovations, including some future plans for it.

Currently, the Fiat 500 CNG is already available in Europe and if the video is genuine, that will be coming to the U.S. soon - likely, we can guess, into select markets to compete with the Honda Civic CNG.

Other interesting things in the video include hints at a hybrid 500 and a showcase of the company's tiny 2-cylinder, 900cc powerhouse that uses several technologies that would compete with Ford's EcoBoost and Mazda's SKYACTIV in output per pound/liter.

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The video:

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