Taiwan Unveils Bio-Hydrogen Microcar and Green Filling Station

class="alignright" title="Bio-Hydrogen Car" src="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/images/blog/bio-hydrogen-car.jpg" alt="Bio-Hydrogen Car" width="200" height="200" />On the island of Taiwan in the central city of Taichung, Feng Chia University opened its first renewable energy bio-hydrogen filling station.

According to title="Taiwan Today" href="http://www.taiwantoday.tw/ct.asp?xItem=179377&ctNode=445" target="_blank">Taiwan Today, “At the opening of the new facility, the university presented its research achievements in using microbial technology to transform agricultural waste biomass into fuel for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

“The university said a hydrogen concept vehicle has been test driven on the campus for the past year, adding that the findings of this testing could be used for future hydrogen energy research. Lee Bing-jean, vice president of the university, said the hydrogen fuel cell car produces only water vapor and no air pollutants and is therefore 100-percent environmentally friendly.”

In November 2010, I had talked about Taiwan setting up title="swappable hydrogen canister stations" href="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/blog2/index.php/hydrogen-bikes/apfct-fuel-cell-scooter-update/" target="_blank">swappable hydrogen canister stations throughout the country for H2-powered motor scooters and microcars. In July 2011, I had talked about how title="APFCT" href="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/blog2/index.php/hydrogen-fueling-stations/swappable-hydrogen-canister-station-setup-in-taiwan/" target="_blank">APFCT was building 10 fuel cell microcars and 10 fuel cell scooters and had just gotten permission to build another 80 hydrogen fuel cell scooters.

While I’ve talked before about the Hawaiian Island of title="Oahu" href="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/blog2/index.php/infrastructure/hawaii-hydrogen-initiative-is-perfect-science-experiment/" target="_blank">Oahu potentially becoming the first true Hydrogen Island in existence, it looks like Taiwan keeps cranking up the pressure in this race and this country may ultimately claim this achievement as their own.

But, no matter who wins the crown of First Hydrogen Island, the competition is the important aspect that will drive both locations to achieving their goals faster and will more urgency that they would without any competing forces. And we will all benefit as a result.

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