P&G to Convert 200 Battery Forklifts to Hydrogen Power

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) has decided to ditch the battery operated forklifts and instead convert 200 of them to hydrogen fuel cell power instead. The decision was made to convert battery powered forklifts at three facilities in Louisiana, California and North Carolina.

Plug Power, Incorporated will be in charge of making the conversions and putting in their own fuel cell systems into the forklift. The conversion will be taking place within weeks.

According to P&G’s spokesman, Stefano Zenezini, “Fuel cell forklifts can be a financially attractive proposition that increase productivity while helping us reach our sustainability vision. Our internal analysis shows that we can not only achieve the sustainability benefits, but can also achieve an attractive rate of return on our investment at the same time.”

One of the attractive qualities about the fuel cell forklifts is that they cut down on indoor greenhouse gas pollution. Another advantage is that maintenance time and costs are less. And a third advantages is that they take only 2 minutes to refill compared to hours for a battery to charge.

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