Japanese Students Take Initiative and Build Hydrogen Car

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class="wp-caption-text">Osaka Hydrogen Car

A group of Japanese students at Osaka Sangyo University took it upon themselves to build a hydrogen car and unveiled it in Tokyo last Friday. They didn’t have the usual support system in place in which to do this.

According to the title="Mainichi Daily News" href="http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20120114p2a00m0na013000c.html" target="_blank">Mainichi Daily News, “This is the first successful fuel cell electric vehicle project in Japan not backed by a major car company.

“The vehicle was built as part of Osaka Sangyo University’s ongoing research on fuel cells and hydrogen fuel as a potential power source for future generations of automobiles. The students assembled the car in their spare time using parts they bought on the open market.”

This sporty two person car (can anyone guess the make and model used?) has a battery output of 7.5 kW which isn’t a lot plus a top speed of just under 50 mph, which again isn’t a lot.

But, when you consider that the students took this project on themselves without the help of the major car companies, sourced the parts from what are already on the market and were able to build this kind of hydrogen car one has to be impressed.

It is this kind of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that will move our society forward both technologically and economically. Kudos to the students at Osaka Sangyo University. Let’s hope they have set an example for students and others across the world to fight for the causes you believe in even when the obstacles at first may seem insurmountable.

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