HyEngine Converts Internal Combustion Engines to run on H2

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Over the past year I’ve exchanged a few emails with Jonas Grooten of HyEngine Solutions. Instead of working on fuel cells, HyEngine converts vehicles with internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen.

Here is what Jonas Grooten had to say in his last email:

“My colleague, Olivier Vanhaelen, asked me to give you an update about our projects. Our title="HyRacer" href="http://www.hyengine.com/projects/hy-racer/index.html" target="_blank">HyRacer project is currently finished. We have implemented our 1.6 L Honda engine into a Honda Civic, which can now drive completely hydrogen powered with the same performances as when it drives on petrol (both 82 HP without use of turbo or compression). Thanks to our patented technology, we also do not have any backfire-problems.

“Our technicians are currently working on our next project: The title="HyMega" href="http://www.hyengine.com/projects/hy-mega/index.html" target="_blank">HyMega. The HyMega will be a small logistical application for indoor & outdoor use. For this, we are converting a 700cc engine which will deliver about 15 HP.

“Furthermore are we currently developing a kart engine. By implementing an title="HyKart" href="http://www.hyengine.com/projects/hy-kart/index.html" target="_blank">H2 ICE in a kart, we want to provide 0-emission kart engines which will maintain all the aspects of karting as we currently know it (vibrations, sound). We expect this project to be finished by the end of February.”

While many companies are investing their time, energy, resources and money into fuel cell vehicles, HyEngine is taking a practical and cost-effective approach of converting internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen.

Here’s a title="PDF" href="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/documents/hyengine.pdf" target="_blank">PDF that explains in more detail what HyEngine is doing.

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