Hydrogen Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The mantra now days with such high unemployment at least from the politicians that run the country is jobs, jobs, jobs. And, there is truth to this mantra since the middle class is suffering and election time is slightly over a year away.

So, this got me to thinking how converting to a hydrogen-based transportation system and economy in general will create thousands of good paying jobs. This also got me to thinking about the resistance from the Big Oil Companies and the political right. Treehugging environmentalist voters don’t usually vote with the conservative right so there are a couple of groups with a vested interest in seeing that these jobs don’t materialize.

But, rather than waiting for good paying jobs to fall into our laps courtesy the future hydrogen economy, I started wondering what jobs are out there now for those with qualifications and skills in this area. And, it turns out there are more than I had imagined.

For instance, the U. S. Department of Energy recently posted title="two job openings" href="http://jobview.usajobs.gov/GetJob.aspx?JobID=102297021&JobTitle=INTERDISCIPLINARY+GEN%27L+ENGR%2fPHYS+SCIENTIST%2c+GS-0801%2f1301-14&q=HQ-11-CAT-16-EE-00195&brd=3876&vw=b&FedEmp=Y&FedPub=Y&x=43&y=10&pg=1&re=0&AVSDM=2011-09-08+08%3a42%3a00" target="_blank">two job openings with the title of “INTERDISCIPLINARY GEN’L ENGR/PHYS SCIENTIST, GS-0801/1301-14”. The salary for these positions is between $105,211.00 – $136,771.00 /year. I think these would qualify in most people’s eyes as “good paying jobs”.

Below are some other websites I checked out that are also posting hydrogen job openings. Some of the jobs deal with hydrogen fuel cells, others with hydrogen and internal combustion engines and still others hauling hydrogen. If you happen to be one of the nine percent who is unemployed in this country right now and want a career of the future, now, then please check out the hydrogen jobs being offered at the resources below.

Hydrogen Job Resources









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