Hydrogen Car for Sale Going, Going, Gone!

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In the blink of an eye a hydrogen fuel cell car was put up for auction this past weekend and sold to the highest bidder for $3,650. Students at the University of Missouri on the Mizzou Hydrogen Car Team built a hydrogen car called the TigerGen I which participated as a demonstration vehicle in the North American Solar Challenge in 2008.

The building of the TigerGen I took three years to complete and it looks similar to a solar car since this was the body style that students were familiar with. The vehicle was sold as is.

According to title="GovDeals" href="http://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=1855&acctid=1992#.ToNGTOya9I5" target="_blank">GovDeals this is what was included in the hydrogen car for sale:

“Mechanical: – Willwood braking system: brakes only on front wheels with two brake calipers on each wheel – Rack and Pinion Steering – Racing Steering wheel – 5 point harness – A-Arm suspension system on each wheel: custom machined parts, Mizzou embedded uprights and QA1 Motorsport spring shocks – Motor, motor controller, and custom DC-DC assembly – Kenda Tires = from Taiwan made of nylon and are 2 1/2-14 in size – Carbon fiber seat – Steel chassis – Carbon fiber and Nomex body

“Chemical: – Pressure rated piping and hoses – Pressure regulator (inlet at 5000 psi, outlet at 120 psi) – Flow monitoring system (fuel temperature reading, pressure reader and hydrogen sensor) for tank and fuel cell – Feeding line for tank -Hydrogen Tank (No Hydrogen)

“Electrical: -12V Battery x 2 -High power mechanical relay x 2 -XPress Ethernet bridge”

So why did Mizzou decide to sell the TigerGen I? According to TigerGen team President title="Victoria Hezel" href="http://www.themaneater.com/stories/2011/9/27/mizzou-hydrogen-car-team-auctions-winning-car/" target="_blank">Victoria Hezel, “We design and build these cars to race and showcase to the general public. Up until recently, we continued to show this car, so we did not attempt to sell it until this fall. We decided to sell TigerGen I as we now have TigerGen II and are currently building TigerGen III to race this spring in the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas.”

Of course there are a couple of other used title="hydrogen cars for sale" href="http://www.hydrogencarsnow.com/hydrogen-cars-for-sale.htm" target="_blank">hydrogen cars for sale and I’ll will keep you updated as more become available.

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