H2 Logic Delivers 4th Hydrogen Station in 1 Year

H2 Logic Fueling StationH2 Logic delivered a hydrogen fueling station to Lilleström, Norway and created two records in doing so. The first unofficial record is that H2 Logic is the only company every to put up 4 hydrogen fueling stations in one year. The second record is that H2 Logic’s latest Norwegian station is the first Scandinavian station to gather its hydrogen from waste.

H2 Logic is saying that this is the first hydrogen fueling station in the world to get its hydrogen from domestic waste, “The hydrogen station is therefore the world’s first to be supplied by hydrogen produced from domestic waste. For H2 Logic it is the fourth A-70MPa hydrogen refueling station in only 12 months, which is an unofficial world record, underlining the company’s position as one among the leading suppliers worldwide.”

But, as we had learned in August 2011 a Fountain Valley, California company called FuelCell Energy created a sewage-to-hydrogen solution at the local waste water treatment plant. So even though the H2 Logic hydrogen fueling station half a world away may be in the top two in this kind of endeavor, it isn’t the first.

Be that as it may, H2 Logic has found one of the less talked about methods of creating hydrogen from renewable resources and that is creating it from waste. And H2 Logic talks about the other hydrogen stations it has put up as part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway system as well, “For H2 Logic the delivery to Lilleström is a standardized product named H2Station® which builds upon similar stations delivered in the past 12 months for Denmark, Norway and Finland. Exactly the standardization and streamlining of H2Station® is important in the efforts on continued price reduction and global positioning of H2 Logic.”

So, there you have it. Progress in Europe and Scandinavia is moving at a rapid pace while in the U. S. the building of hydrogen fueling stations is in a stall pattern. The building of hydrogen fueling stations domestically could mean jobs, jobs, jobs for many, many people. Too bad that the powers that be are more concerned with their own political rhetoric than they are in taking action. If they weren’t, hydrogen cars and fueling stations in the U. S. could be a reality in just a few short years. And of course, this could support hundreds of thousands of jobs that come with the unfolding of this new technology.

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