GreenGT H2 Debuts in Le Mans



The GreenGT H2 racer is a fuel cell driver race car that will make its debut in the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans. The GreenGT H2 racer won’t actually be in this race but rather on display. Its first race on the track will be a little later this summer at the Silverstone FIA World Endurance Championship.

According to, “Once powered by lithium-ion batteries, GreenGT’s race car now gets its power from hydrogen fuel cells. The designers expect it will make its track debut in August at the Silverstone FIA World Endurance Championship, after public testing begins in July. For now, the 540 horsepower GreenGT racer is content to let motorsports fans gawk over its clever combination of performance and sustainable energy. The hydrogen fuel cells have been designed with endurance racing in mind, allowing for sustained track time and quick refueling.”

According to GreenGT, “As the autonomy of lithium/ion batteries proved to be the weak point that most needed improvement on the earlier GreenGT prototypes, hydrogen soon became the preferred alternative. In 2011, GreenGT had a 100 kW fuel cell developed for it that can be integrated into both racing and road cars. This fuel cell has been tested and is now operational. Since then, GreenGT has begun the construction of a new high-power fuel cell that provides 340 kW, or 460 hp.

“In parallel, a new lightweight twin-engine powertrain, developing up to 400 kW, or 540 hp, has been developed for this prototype. And the latest generation electronic control and telemetry system will ensure the best on-track performance of the prototype.”

So, there you have it, a combination of power, speed and green sustainability. There have only been a handful of zero emissions hydrogen race cars to make it to the track and the GreenGT, I’m sure is proud to join this very short list.

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