Europe Continues to Open Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Waterstofnet Hydrogen Fueling Station

Waterstofnet Hydrogen Fueling Station

While the U. S. remains largely on the sidelines, European nations continue to open hydrogen fueling stations. The WaterstofNet hydrogen fueling station officially has opened in Brussels, Belgium and Vattenfall has opened a hydrogen fueling station in Hamburg, Germany.

The WaterstofNet H2 fueling station in Brussels offers the following: “This station features Hydrogenics’ fifth generation HYSTAT 30 water electrolyzer, a compressor, a high pressure cascade storage and a 350 bar dispenser to supply up to 65kg of clean hydrogen fuel per day. The station will be used for refueling forklifts, buses and other vehicles.”

On the other hand, in Hamburg, Germany Vattenfall has opened the most modern hydrogen fueling station which will get approximately one-half of its hydrogen by using renewable energy. The station will use water plus onsite electrolyzers to accomplish this feat.

According to Vattenfall, “The location of the station is in the middle of an urban environment and it caters to both busses and cars. Growing road traffic and related greenhouse gas emissions demand major efforts by researchers, oil and energy companies and others. Hydrogen is a very effective fuel to reduce emissions of CO2, something that is key to curbing climate change. In the HafenCity station, about fifty per cent of the daily capacity will be produced on site by two electrolysers powered by renewable electricity.”

So, there you have it. Once again, the European nations push ahead with developing hydrogen car infrastructure as the U. S. falls behind. On the positive side as least some nations see the wisdom of hydrogen energy and the role it plays in reducing greenhouse gases and creating energy independence.

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