Carson City Nevada H2 Fueling Station Profitable from Day One

Carson City Nevada H2 StationCarson City, Nevada is getting a new hydrogen fueling station. The H2 Technologies Group, who is the developer of the filling station, has stated that they think it can be profitable from day one. Believe me this little tidbit of information caught my attention.

According to, “The electrolyzer technology at the station will separate water into its component elements, hydrogen and oxygen. While hydrogen-fueled vehicles are all the rage as a method of reducing tailpipe emissions, H2 Technologies is contracting with a supplier of industrial gases to sell oxygen – the waste product – at wholesale for medical and industrial uses.”

What was not stated, however, is that compressed hydrogen gas can also be sold for medical and industrial uses. So, for instance if the Carson City, NV hydrogen fueling station doesn’t hit its capacity of refueling 80 hydrogen-powered vehicles per day, it will still be able to sell the extra oxygen and hydrogen on the open market for a profit.

It’s this kind of inspired thinking that will help other companies push forward with building hydrogen fueling stations knowing they won’t have to wait years in order to start making money and pay off the loans for their station. Making money from the get-go will encourage others to build sooner rather than later.

Another aspect I admire about the Carson City hydrogen fueling station is its strategic location. As you can see from the map, Carson City, NV is about 200 miles away from Oakland, California which also has an H2 fueling station. And between these two end points are hydrogen fueling stations in Sacramento, CA and Placerville, CA. This will means that fleet H2 cars and buses that are currently in operation could stretch their routes to include Carson City.

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