AquaFuel EcoTec On Demand Hydrogen Generator for Cars

I realize that on-demand hydrogen generators for cars and trucks are an area of hot debate right now. Some say they don’t work and some say they do.

One company that says theirs does is AquaFuel. I’ll let you decide based upon the data they present on their website. According to CEO of AquaFuel, Bo DuBose, “We both know what has transpired over the past several years with HHO, and we know the bad mark it has put on the hydrogen assist industry. If you would really take a hard look at what we have done, I feel certain you will come to the conclusion that we are not only ‘different’, but have solved the puzzle. We are NOT HHO, we are PEM CELL technology.”

The PEM fuel cell technology that Mr. DuBose is referring to is basically running a hydrogen PEM fuel cell in reverse. Normally one takes compressed hydrogen and oxygen from the ambient air and force it through a fuel cell to create electricity, heat and a water vapor as the result.

AquaFuel Inc. is doing things a bit differently, by taking distilled water and running it through fuel cell to create pure hydrogen and oxygen. This hydrogen and oxygen is then ported directed into the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines providing a cleaner burn, higher mileage when using fossil fuels and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Of particular note on the AquaFuel EcoTec is not only the claim that it will increase gas mileage by an average of 20 – 30 percent but a page where they list testimonials, test, and government documents supporting their case.

I’ll let you decide if this is enough documentation to try their product and see for yourself. The AquaFuel EcoTec is mainly targeting the trucking industry and comes with a 2 year warranty so read the warranty carefully outlined on the website before deciding if this is something you would like to try out.

And once you do try this out please report your results back here a let others know if you give this product a thumbs up or down on fuel savings and emissions reductions.

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