Geneva 2009: Fioravanti LF1 Design is Cost-Cutting, Race Car Beauty

Cost cutting is the driving force behind almost everything these days, but in particular Formula One. Many of the automakers still in F1 raced into the Geneva Motor Show with their latest single-seaters. Somehow they all look similar thanks to new stringent regulations that are designed to cut both expenses and aero downforce.

But Leonardo Fioravanti has his own ideas and why shouldn't he? He designed lots of road-going Ferraris while at Pininfarina, so it was time for him to try his hand at a racing car. The LF1 concept Fioravanti cooked up for the show raises the streamlining of costs and aero to new levels. He took off the rear wing which was downsized for this year in F1, and blended the sidepods into partial wheel housing. While this may be unthinkable in open-wheel racing, it's still prettier than any of the current crop of real F1 cars.

Naturally, this is just a model, with no running gear. However, that won't stop us from imagining how it would feel to take the Fioravanti LF1 out for a few laps around our favorite grand prix circuit.

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