Front End Tricycles

Some 3 wheel cars (tri-cars) have two wheels upfront and one in the back and are called tadpoles or reverse-trikes. They have the advantage of decreased weight and lower rolling resistance, and are the preferred design for green cars. They are usually much more stable than the delta (3 wheel cars with 2 wheels in the back) - especially if the front wheels tilt.

This design allows for attempts to mimic the most aerodynamic form known; the drop. The less wind resistance a vehicle has, the less energy it needs to move forward. I personally prefer their stability.

Another major reason for new manufacturers to produce three wheel vehicles is regulatory. In the U.S. three-wheeled vehicles are classified as motorcycles. Therefore, they don't need to undergo the expensive safety testing that four wheel cars do. The cost of test crashing several vehicles can be a major financial obstacle for most start-up companies.

Since each state drafts its own laws about the vehicles on its roads, there can still be some legal difficulties with operating a tri-car in the U.S. However, with some lobbying effort these dificulties are slowly being overcome, and the number of three-wheelers on American roads will most probably increase in the future.

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