Deal Already Struck To Build Electric Car Infrastructure.

Electric Car implementation is moving forward with another big step. The Better Place startup founded by Shai Agassi has made a deal with municipalities in the San Francisco Bay Area to begin building the infrastructure necessary to supply electric cars with battery recharging facilities. Better Place wants to discount the cars, own the batteries and sell the power to drivers. Within 4 years, driving an electric car in the San Francisco Bay area may be similar to the "plug and play" concept. Think "plug and drive," if the mayors of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and start-up Better Place are successful. The company, founded by Shai Agassi, announced a private-public partnership late in November with the three mayors and regional entities to begin constructing the support infrastructure for electric car use in the Bay Area. The plan needs a US$1 billion in investment. According to media reports, that money will be used to install 250,000 charging ports in homes, businesses and public areas and to build 200 substations where drivers will be able to exchange drained electric car batteries for fully charged ones. "Our aim is to make the Bay Area -- and eventually California -- the electric car capital of the U.S.," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

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