Big People Also Enjoy Driving Tricycles, Especially Rear End Ones!

Why are so many Green cars sporting only 3 wheels? You might guess that they want to use less petroleum to make tires and thereby save the environment. However, there are more practical reasons for these fun vehicles.

Also called tri-cars, these sporty three-wheeled cars have been with us from the beginning. The very first motorcar, built in 1885 by Karl Benz and called the Benz Patent Motor wagon, designed with only one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back (Hence rear end vehicle). Although his next design had four wheels and became the popular standard, 3 wheelers have continuously been built until today.

There are two ways to design three-wheeled vehicles. Putting one wheel in front and two in the back is usually called the delta configuration. The reason most given for using this design is cost savings. It is an easy way to keep costs down the steering mechanism cheaper to build and simpler to engineer. It also removes the expense of a fourth wheel and all the added parts involved.

The downside to this design is lack of stability. Although lack of stability might seem like a major problem, there are actually millions of vehicles, mostly in Asia, that are used every day. The drivers understand their vehicles lack of cornering ability and drive within their safety parameters.

Try driving one of these babies; they are a lot of fun.

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