The Great Oil Crash

At the time of writing this post oil stands at 44 dollars a barrel. This sudden and near complete implosion of oil prices down from almost 150 dollars only a few months ago presents the world global economy with a serious problem. The serious devaluing of oil we are witnessing will no doubt be cheered by the consumer, yet will begin to cause the drums of war to beat louder and louder.

Yes, you heard me say it. We live in a world where Russia has been playing war games with Venezuela and Iran is busy defying the UN. Those three countries and the others that have lost big time under the current price devaluation of oil, will lean more towards actualizing their anti American rhetoric if their economies are in tatters.

This may come as a surprise to the proponents of future resource wars since everyone including myself thought it would be the West in constant initiation of them. This is of course due to our false prediction of oil staying higher than 100 dollars. Now the roles are reversed and it is the despotic oil regimes in need for a resource war to prop themselves up. The only question is when: before inauguration day or after.

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