Power To The People!

Plug In America, an amazing non-profit advocacy organization, used nationwide grassroots activism and legislative advocacy to improve provisions for plug-in vehicles in the stimulus bill.

According to Plug In America's director Jay Friedland, 'this bill will put many more and varied types of plug-in electric vehicles on the road.' 'It will create jobs and spur spending by motivating consumers to purchase the cleanest-running vehicles" available.

As the stimulus bill moved through Congress, Plug In America's supporters sent some 62,000 email messages to their government representatives. The nonprofit organization greatly increased the numbers and types of vehicles available for a "plug-in vehicle" tax credit. It won extension of the tax credit from only 250,000 vehicles industry wide to 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer. It also enabled two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid conversions to be available for incentives. I hail that the power of the people to influence government for the better.

Eight major car manufactures have announced delivery dates of highway capable, all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Each vehicle can have a tax credit of up to $7,500. This bill stimulates the sale of up to one-and-a-half million plug-in vehicles.

The ability to organize grass roots influence and lobbying power is one of the greatest rights that the constitution gives us. I would like to see more Americans involved in advancing all kinds of good causes. If everyone would give as little as an hour per month to join online organizations and send e-mails etc, our country would improve tremendously. Go Get em tigers!!

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