Obama Gets A Thumbs Up On Energy

I might disagree with Obama on many issues, but yesterday when he introduced his energy team I was a happy man. Finally there is a president who even if he doesn't get the whole environmental picture, he understands that he needs the right people that do.

"We can seize boundless opportunities for our people," Mr. Obama said at a news conference yesterday. "We can create millions of jobs, starting with a 21st-century economic recovery plan that puts Americans to work building wind farms, solar panels and fuel-efficient cars."

Obama appointed Steven Chu, who in 1997 won the Nobel Prize in Physics as his Energy Secretary. This is a bold appointment of someone that understands the interconnection between energy issues and environment. The appoint signals that Obama is serious. Now, I hope that Obama sticks with revolutionizing energy production and consumption in the US and does not get sidetracked listening to his other advisors promote almost certain dubious Middle Eastern Peace Plans. If Obama takes my advice, he'll turn out to be a hero.

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