Biting the hand that feeds you

It would appear that the big wigs have managed to pull the wool over our eyes, again. For several years, and to this very day, leading automakers have been filing lawsuits against the state of California and other states in an effort to prevent stricter fuel efficiency standards from being imposed. While this is not necessarily surprising to any of us, what is remarkable is the fact that two of those carmakers, GM and Chrysler begged for and received a bail-out of $14 billion dollars last year from the tax-payer (government). In addition to this, those very same car-makers are now asking for further bail-out funds from the government and have shown no evidence to suggest that those funds will not be used to continue to sue tax-payers and state legislation. In a brazen show of defiance and greed-driven arrogance, automakers have bragged about how they will meet emission standards in the future, and yet invest vast amounts of money to prevent or stall the passing of those standards. Ironically, this is indeed what is known as a double-standard.

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