Auto Bailout In Trouble - Again

Just when you thought it was over, and the auto industry bailout or better phrased gov't take over and ownership was final, in steps in the Senate Republicans an like minded Democrats ready to send the bill to its defeat. I am crossing my fingers for this, because as I have said before rewarding the Big 3 for poor decisions is like giving a prize to a child for being bad.

What's remarkable here is that this is such an obvious an ridiculous attempt at gov't control and seizure of one of the biggest industries in the country. I am surprised it didn't killed in the House, but that is the world we live in these days, all upside down.

My hope and I'll say it again is that the Big 3 go down and others with the same money the gov't was going to spend on the Big 3 revolutionize the way the car industry produces cars forever.

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