The 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe ranks 1 out of 10 Affordable Large SUVs.

The Tahoe has an inviting cabin and easy drivability for purchasers who want its outsized seating and towing capabilities. Together with its hybrid version, it's the U.S. News Best Car for the Money in the large SUV class.

Reviewers concur that for families who need lots of seating, towing and foul-weather or off-road capability, the Chevrolet Tahoe is a compelling choice. Its comfortable and inviting interior is very good, and many say the Tahoe is surprisingly nimble for a large SUV. It has been chosen Motor Week's 2008 Driver's Choice for "Best Large Utility," and a 2007 IntelliChoice"Best in Class Winner" for lowest fuel and repair costs. The 2009 Tahoe is almost identical to the 2007 and 2008 models.

"If you need this much hauling and towing capacity, the Tahoe belongs on your short list." -- Forbes

Though the Tahoe is a good full-size SUV, the 2009 model comes to market in a period of economic uncertainty. General Motors, Chevrolet's parent company, is hovering near bankruptcy and begging for a government bailout. SUV sales have dropped due to a credit crunch and consumers who are worried about gas prices. On one hand, this may make buying the Tahoe seem risky. On the other hand, if you want a Tahoe, now is the time to get a great deal. General Motors has been offering great discounts on all their vehicles, especially on their large SUVs. If your desire for a Tahoe is stronger than the present economic uncertainty, now is a great time to buy. If you only need the Tahoe's seating capacity but not its towing abilities, check out a large crossover like the Ford Flex or Chevrolet Traverse.

"If you need this much hauling and towing capacity, the Tahoe belongs on your short list." -- Forbes

"More than ever worthy of serious consideration for buyers still in the market for a big SUV despite rising gasoline prices." -- Newsday

"The Tahoe is one of my favorite big SUVs" -- Orlando Sentinel

Tahoe Ratings:

  • Performance - 8.9 (Very Good)
  • Exterior - 8.5 (Very Good)
  • Interior - 8.2 (Very Good)
  • Safety - 9.9 (Excellent)
  • Reliability - NA

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