Performance-Enhancing Hybrid Technology for Ferrari and F1

Ferrari, the premier Italian racing brand, is known for many things, but one of them isn’t fuel efficiency. Now it seems Ferrari is waving the green flag. Earlier this year they filed a patent for a four-wheel-drive vehicle with hybrid propulsion. The reasoning, however, while not surprising, is “to improve the drivability of a sports car in conditions of poor grip,” according to the patents they filed in February of this year. Ferrari president Luca Corero di Montezemolo has confirmed they are testing the Kinetic Energy Recovery Hybrid Systems (KERS) in a prototype based on the 599. They are already using the system in the F60 Formula One car.

KERS hybrid technology will be championed in the cars of Formula One, leaders in the movement. BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen says, “the adoption of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems next year will see Formula One racing assume a leading role in the advancement of hybrid technologies for everyday road cars.” KERS enables the regeneration and storage of braking energy, thus translated as an extra source of power to the F1 car’s V-8 engine during acceleration. Whether for more power or less emissions, if the race cars, as the pinnacle of performance, are adapting green technology, we’ll continue to see advancements from a variety of vehicle model lines. Let’s see that neon “green” Lambo!

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