Guinness World Record -68.54 Miles to the Gallon!

The 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid 2 clocked in 68.57 miles per gallon this December. This Guinness world record was achieved by 3 adult riders traveling across country through 48 contiguous states.

They beat out the previous world record for gas millage that was set in Australia just 2 months earlier. The previous Guinness world record was set by John and Helen Taylor in a VW Jetta 2 TDI.

The new record was established with 3 drivers and luggage rather than just the two Taylor drivers. It also exceeded the previous record by 11.5 %. This amazing achievement was accomplished through wind, rain, ice, and snow.

The three expert drivers are Jennie Chen, Justin Fons,and Wayne Gerdes. The three drivers drove 7559.8 miles on just 9 tanks of gas, getting 840 miles per tank. They documented the trip meticulously, photographing every gas station stop and sealing the gas tank between fill-ups. They also photographed every state line they crossed.They drove up mountains 7000 feet above sea-level and dealt with the most difficult winter driving conditions.

Think of what kind of mileage you could get in normal driving conditions!

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