BYD is Delaying Euporopean and US Hybrid Launch

The world's car manufacturers can breathe a sign of relief...for now. It seems that Build Your Dream [BYD] out of China is delaying the European and US launch of the F3DM, its premier hybrid plug-in. The F3DM, already on the market in China, was set to be released in Western markets in 2010. Now it is delayed until 2011. Despite the setback, this still doesn't give other manufacturers lot of time to prepare.

Why all the worry over BYD? To understand the threat that a successful Chinese car manufacturer means to the rest of the world, one must understand that for decades Western car companies used the Chinese to manufacture their cars. They built partnerships with small car companies in China while the Chinese stayed out of the business realm. BYD changes all of that and that is why Western car manufacturers are nervous. They have a reprieve for a while, but let's see if they use it wisely.

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