ZAP to Show Off Alias to Dealers

On February 20, 2009, ZAP Motors will be showing off a running prototype of its 100 percent electric 2-seater, the Alias. In order to be present at this event, you need to be a dealer and take part in a sales and service training session. I feel like I did something similar to this once—my wife and I sat through a sales pitch on Vegas condos to score tickets to a show I didn’t want to attend in the first place.

Santa Rosa, CA based ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) announced the Alias in June of 2007 to inject some excitement into their line of electro-crap machines, such as the Xebra Sedan and the ZAP Dude. They claim to have delivered 100,000 electric vehicles since 1994 to clients in 75 countries. I’m not saying this means anything, but personally i’ve never seen one single ZAP in real life. Hey, I’m just sayin’.

At any rate, unlike the vaporware darling ZAP-X Crossover, the Alias appears to be the real deal. The current list price is $35,000, you can reserve yours for $1000.

Here are the scant performance specs published by ZAP for the Alias:

  • Top speed: 105 mph
  • Zero-to-60: 7.5 seconds
  • Battery range: 100 miles (160.9 km)
  • Motor: AC24LS high efficiency, air-cooled 216V AC induction motor

It’s an interesting enough looking vehicle, but with no mention of their battery pack, for starters, and considering their knack for hyping invisible cars (a fuel cell vehicle in 04, an ethanol one in ’05, a miracle worker in ‘07), they’ve just burned us one too many times to get too jazzed.

Besides, for $35,000, you can get the coolest kick in the cave, an Aptera, or the oddest tricycle in the toybox, a Twike.

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