X Rider Motorcycle a Bargain Bordering on Ridiculous

On Earth Day, Xtreme Green issued a press release stating they were taking orders on their electric, two-passenger X Rider motorcycle, with delivery starting this June, 2009.

X Rider
(photo from Xtreme Green)

According to both Zoomilife and the manufacturer, the vehicle price tag is set at $7,999.

So far, not bad.

Xtreme Green estimates that the X Rider's operational cost is around $0.003 per mile.

Getting even better.

Now enter President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Under the stimulus package, the X Rider qualifies for an enormous $3,334 plug-in electric vehicle tax credit. That's a tax credit, not a deduction.

This just turned into a steal.

A few specs:

  • Propulsion: 60 Amp Hour, 72 Volt Lithium Ion (LFP) Battery Propulsion System (6kWh battery pack)
  • Vehicle range: over 100 miles
  • Top Speed: 65 mph
  • Battery recharge time: 2-3 hours

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