With Gas Prices Dropping, Trucks Come Back

After nearly a year of low sales, low gas prices and fat incentives are reigniting America's burning desire for big vehicles.

According the automotive Website Edmunds.com, trucks and SUVs will outsell cars in December, something that we haven't seen since February.

Despite all the talk about fuel efficiency, SUVs and trucks are currently the industry's biggest sellers. So many buyers seem to be compelled by three factors: great deals, low gas prices and winter weather, commented Michelle Krebs, Senior Editor of Edmunds' AutoObserver.com.

According to Edmunds.com, this month, trucks and SUVs will comprise 51% all vehicles sold in the America. Before gas prices rose tremendously earlier this year, market share for trucks and SUVs had been even higher than 51%, said Edmunds.com sales analyst Jesse Toprak.

Toprak doesn't claim sales have returned to what they used to be, but sees a reversal of the downward trend.

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