What's A Gas Tax Good For?

Now that gas is again low priced, the government is looking to add more gas taxes. These taxes could be used to subsidize the automaker bailouts.

America is in a transformational phase of its history right now. Things are changing big time.

First, the big three have been making cars which don't sell well outside of America because they are too big and need too much gas. We need to produce cars that are smaller and more fuel efficient, if we want to be profitable in world markets.

Second, we need long-term energy and transportation policies that will make us more self-sufficient in terms of energy sources and alternative fuel technologies.

Third, the big 3 are still loosing money and the difference must come from somewhere. Originally the government used the TARP funds which were supposed to bail out the banks. With gas taxes higher, perhaps we could save both the banks and the automakers and that's a lot of jobs.

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