VW's TDI Truth & Dare

Today, VW launched a blog forum to help educate the public about old diesel versus "clean diesel." It's called TDI Truth & Dare, and it's anything you ever wanted to know about TDI technology. The site provides all the answers to "how's it work?" and "what's it do?" Even better, though, are the straight in-your-face dares and myth-busting that VW has launched on consumers in a friendly competition. It’s real-life auto testing in a blog setting.

Videos are posted in which VW takes a "myth" about diesel and performs an experiment, as if in response to a dare. The forum also challenges visitors to a fuel-efficient driving competition in "Tank Wars," where TDI drivers can report their MPGs using Facebook to try and outdo each other. The Diesel Finder application on the site will find the closest clean diesel filling station in your location, disproving the myth that low-sulfur diesel is hard to find. And with the Savings Calculator application, users can compare VW TDI prices to other cars, based on MPG, cost-per-mile, emissions, and fuel costs. Here's an example of the videos you'll find, courtesy of the TDI Truth & Dare site, called "Jetta vs. Prius." Visit the site for more: www.tdi.vw.com


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