Voice Control for all BMW Models in Fall 2009

Play music or state your desired destination in a single voice command in all BMW model series this fall. Starting in September, the company says it’s introducing cutting-edge voice technology.

Dubbed Said and Done, BMW said in a press release this week that, for the first time, one voice command will be enough to communicate the driver’s destination to the car’s navigation system. Verbal statement of place, street and number goes directly into the navigation unit, according to BMW. The technology is apparently capable of allowing the driver to choose an audio source and individual music titles, too. The system monitors and interprets voice commands regarding type of music, name of artist, and album or song title.

Safety is the system’s main goal and benefit, states the European automaker. The idea is that the driver uses navigation and music commands while concentrating on driving. The system will be available in America, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and Austria.

BMW introduced a voice system with mixed results in 2006 and this constitutes an improvement. The driver will no longer have to name a destination’s place, street and number in steps, but is able to read the information in one message as a whole. The voice data is then computed and electronically processed by the system.

The music technology is due for an upgrade in spring 2010, says the company, when the voice system will cover data files on a music player connected to the car. [source: BMW]

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