Virtual Test Drive: Nanocar Concept takes Green Vehicles to Extreme

It seems only a few years ago you couldn't walk down the street without bumping into nanotechnology. It had even been assigned its own manner of bringing apocalypse onto the world, an ecophagous hypothesis that damaged relations for years.

The recent launch of the daring Nanocar Concept by the James Tour Group may put to rest all that apocalyptic talk and usher in a new era of good will between humans and the blossoming nanotechnological automotive industry.

The manufacturer granted us an exclusive early test-drive, and we spent a mostly pleasant day cruising the Nanocar through the molecular world.

The Nanocar Concept (paved roads might contribute to better performance specs)

Design & Performance

The Nanocar Concept expresses an audacious desire to be ugly, and it succeeds. There is also a bit of an overemphasis on molecular carbon (our glance under the hood turned up nothing but carbon), illustrating a carbon-happy trend among industry designers that is not likely to change.

Proposed specs:

  • Top Speed: 10-20 microns per second
  • Wheels: Four (4) buckyballs, not rated
  • Fuel: Sugar
  • Cost: $0.000001


The Nanocar Concept takes the green vehicle to the extreme, embracing a 'less is more' ideal that sacrifices everything in exchange for an eco-friendly ride. We're also concerned about the price; granted, one millionth of one penny is not a lot of money, but have you ever actually tried to break a penny?


The nanotech world is working hard to overcome its reputation for unpredictable behavior, but one incident suggests they still have some ways to go: During our test-drive we pulled up to a light next to a fancier, older model Nanocar. The driver, noticing we were humans, rolled down the window and snarled, "Pardon me, do you happen to have any Grey Goo?"

I suppose we deserved that.


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