Truth Is Still Stranger Than Fiction

Police in Ypsilanti, MI were easily able to catch a thief suspected of holding up a repair shop at gunpoint because they knew exactly what car he was driving. The 24-year-old robber dropped his vehicle off at the repair facility on Wednesday and came to pick it up on Friday. The man paid $200 for the repairs, but used his pistol to demand all the money in the cash register. The man was given $500 from the register and he drove off in his newly repaired car.

If this doesn't sound like a foolproof robbery plan then you should be a detective. Not only did the shop know the make, model and likely the license plate number of the vehicle, they probably also had the thief's contact information so they could call him when the repairs were done. He probably stole on impulse, without any plan. Maybe he was so crazed from poverty that he was desperate. I guess it's still true that "truth is stranger than fiction!"

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