Toyota's TogetherGreen asks us to pitch in too

We’re always excited to hear of the new “green” automotive technology coming from on high. Every automaker knows that their advances make a big difference on the environment. That’s why it’s nice to see an automaker turn the table, and keep track of what we’re individually doing on a community level. With Toyota’s TogetherGreen competition, it’s almost as if the carmaker is saying, “We gave you the Prius. Now whatcha got?”

Actually, it’s another great way for neighborhood communities to get involved, and an even better way to connect those communities. From April 22 to July 22, 2009, you can sign up at for a free Community Passport and start tracking volunteer hours and activities in different categories, called “Pursuits.” Participants keep a Trip Diary, and whoever has the most activities in three Pursuit categories can win prizes. Not a free Prius, but cool stuff like LL Bean Bicycles and outdoor recreation gear. The Community Passport program from Audubon and Toyota began in 2008 as a five-year commitment to encourage people to act in small ways to benefit the environment. You don’t have to participate in the competition to sign up at the site. And when you do, you can ask experts questions about the environment, and discover “myths” and “facts” about eco-related subjects. Is bottled water safer to drink than tap water? Find out:

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