The Vetrix Vx-1 Electric Scooter: Scootercycle

Granted the all-electric Vetrix Vx-1 is a scooter and not a moped (by definition, of course, a moped has pedals) but for the sake of this entry, they're all the same.

The 2009 Vetrix Vx-1 Electric Scooter premiered at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show at Long Beach last December. Then in January at the 28th annual International Motorcycle Show, Motorcycle Magazine gave its choice award in Innovation to the Vetrix Vx-1.


Ordinarily, scooters are … well, scooters. But the Vetrix Vx-1 is special—not only does it have solid specs (see below), it's the only all-electric scooter on the market that is also highway legal. Let's not forget that the all-electric Vetrix Vx-1 almost looks like a motorcycle. Real bikers won't be fooled, but plenty of other people will.

  • Some specs
  • MOTOR: 26.2 horsepower (21 kW) rear-hub motor
  • TOP SPEED: 62 mph
  • BATTERY: 125V Nickel-Metal-Hydride
  • BATTERY RANGE: 35-55 miles
  • BATTERY RECHARGE TIME: 2.5 hours (to 80%)
  • ZERO-to-50: 6.8 seconds
  • PRICE: $10,495

Not bad.

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