The Exoskeleton Motorcycle Concept

I started subscribing to the print version of Popular Science only recently, so I was skimming some of their old articles online when I came across the Deus ex Machina, a concept motorcycle you gotta see to believe. I’m really too old to say this as often as I do, but ... Dude. Duuuude!

Before you click over and check out the video—and I urge you to do so—imagine a three-wheeled, stand-up motorcycle you strap yourself into, one in which your body movements dictate steering thanks to a set of artificial pneumatic muscles while lithium-ion batteries and rock-star ultrcapacitors allow you to reach 75 mph.

The designer is Jake Loniak, a college student at the Art Center College of Design (Henrik Fisker’s alma mater). All he’s got at the moment is a computer simulation, but he’s not kidding around, saying it ain’t no commuter vehicle. “This,” he says, “is a sport bike.”

The direct video link is here and it might just make your day.

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