The Boxer And AWD Give You Smooth Ridng!

Subaru has the smart combination of combining AWD, all wheel drive, with a boxer engine to increase stability, comfort, and safety.

Symmetrical AWD powers each wheel separately in order to deal with the driving conditions of each wheel, such as puddles, rocks, ice patches, wheels in the air etc. This gives much greater control of the car. AWD automatically adjusts up and back between paved-road driving to off-road driving on difficult terrain, improving on 4 wheel drive.

Subaru combines AWD with Boxer engines, also called "horizontally opposed design." In boxers, the pistons go in and out on a horizontal plane, as opposed to the classical V engines where the pistons go 'out and up', and return 'in and down'. The boxer engine is more compact and weighs less. The boxer also is not as tall as the v engine and therefore can sit lower on the chasse. This creates a lower center of gravity for the car, helping the car to hug the road better. In addition, the AWD helps each wheel to grip the road better adding to stability, comfort and safety. It makes me feel safer and happier just thinking about it.

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