The 2030 Honda Zeppelin Concept Car a Future to Behold

The 2030 Honda Zeppelin surely has to be in the running for the title of the most futuristic-looking concept in history. I came across it at The front seats actually swivel 180 degrees (at least not while actually moving, or at least not the driver seat).

Compared to virtually any other vehicle, the driver's visibility has to be the worst imaginable although the interior includes a video display that gives the driver a wider field-of-vision.

Honda Zeppelin

According to a profile at (which features a lot of great photos) the futuristic luxury sedan is the final year thesis project by Myung Jin Jung, a design student at Hongik University in South Korea that was inspired in part by airships (thus the name) and thus bears no actual relationship with the Honda Motor Company.

Check out this video of the 2030 Honda Zeppelin and try to tell me that, with people like Myung Jin Jung, the future of car design looks anything less than bold and exciting.

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