Tesla & Digg & Flickr & Twitter: A Model S Foursome


Tesla Motors unveiled their highly anticipated Tesla S Concept today, but they were scooped on their unveiling by none other than Digg's Kevin Rose, who before the event, uploaded leaked pictures onto his Flickr account. Rose then went to Twitter and tweeted all about it.
Considering Tesla's recent history of internal paranoia, it's not too hard to believe that those pics were marked and that someone at Tesla's about to get the axe. 

Yet if I were a conspiracy theorist- which I am not- it would be just as reasonable to believe that this was a new media, product-placement foresome-fuck between Tesla, Digg, Flickr & Twitter, an internet-age twist on the 1969 swinger classic Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Tesla & Digg & Flickr & Twitter movie poster
Consider them indeed ...

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