Subaru Indefinitely Postpones Diesel Impreza Entry Into UK Market!

The Japanese yen is posing a problem for Japanese automakers. When the yen is weak, profits go up for Japanese exporters that make most of their money by exporting vehicles to other countries. However, now, when the yen is strong, the strongest that it has been in 13 years - profits diminish. This is because the selling price overseas does not cover the manufacturing price at home.

Subaru, like many other automakers, is finding it tough to make a buck (or a yen) recently, Therefore, its response is to indefinitely delay the launch of its oil-burning engine option in the Impreza for the UK market. This news is probably a major blow to European car dealers, since diesel engines handily outsell their gasoline siblings when they compete against each other.

Still, it's just as well that it'll be delayed since it would probably be priced out of the market if launched on schedule. Japanese officials have already called for government intervention to reduce the yen's value. If that currency reduction goes through, then the Europeans will finally get their diesel Subarus.

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