Stage 1 Testing Complete for Terrafugia's Flying Car

According to Flying Magazine, Massachusetts-based Terrafugia has finished stage 1 testing of their roadable light sport aircraft, the Terrafugia Transition, and they just seem absolutely determined to put this bird in the air and on the market.

The Transition is followed by a chase plane in this pic from the Transition Web site

The stage 1 tests, which began back in March, have included a full 28 flights of their proof-of-concept vehicle. They were designed to verify the safety of the craft but also evaluate the craft's performance during takeoff and landing and to discover areas where the craft needed improvements. Those areas will be addressed in the next stage, during which they will fly a Beta Prototype of the craft.

No idea when stage 2 testing will begin, or for that matter when the Beta Prototype will be ready for flight. Nonetheless, they're still assuring delivery of the Transition in 2011.

So is the list of skeptics starting to shrink? I should hope so. What I don't understand is why shows like Eco-Tech continue to feature the Moller SkyCar when they want to profile a Flying Car and not the Transition, when Terrafugia has done so much more in such a shorter amount of time—and without any problems related to the SEC, I might add.


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