Segway, GM Team Up to Reduce Emissions, Increase Human Laziness

Personally I think the Segway is a ridiculous contraption, an adult go-cart cynical enough to prey on our advancing state of laziness. I can't fully express how pleased I was to see Weird Al riding one in his brilliant "White and Nerdy" video a couple years back.

But just when I thought the Segway couldn't get any more ridiculous, I came across this entry at Automobile Magazine about Segway's further effort to eliminate the human need for ambulatory legs with a two-seater on which they've collaborated with none other than General Motors.

PUMA Project

Segway is contributing the powertrain (it seems like an abuse of the word here) and "two-wheel balancing technology" while GM is contributing its "expertise in manufacturing and exterior design."

According to the entry, it's part of Project P.U.M.A (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), meant to push forward the slowly growing field of urban car concepts. It's got lithium-ion batteries, a range of 25 miles and a top speed of 35 mph. On the plus side, there are no tailpipe emissions, and GM is claiming that ownership costs could be as little as one-quarter that of a traditional vehicle.

No word on the costs inflicted on self-esteem or social life.

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