SAE Congress 2009: Honda Promotes Walking

The 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers Congress is meeting in Detroit between April 20-23 and Honda's set to make a splash.

The Japanese automaker's robotics research division has created a pair of devices meant to help people walk who may have weak leg muscles and they're bringing both to the SAE Congress. First up, its Stride Management Assist, pictured below.

Stride Management Assist

Next up, their Bodyweight Support Assist device, which just has to be seen in action to be believed. Enjoy.

As silly (and potentially painful) as it looks, what you have here is Japanese innovation fueled by a dearth of laziness and a genuine desire to remain ambulatory for as long as you physically can.

Meanwhile, GM and Segway have teamed up to present us with a device that promotes the legless lifestyle.

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