Repurposed Auto Factories Make For Green Collar Jobs

With lines of SUVs and trucks dying off in anticipation of greener vehicles, what becomes of the plants that were churning them out? The next step is to repurpose those plants into emerald cities for future fuel technology research and development. Ford's Michigan Assembly plant is already beginning such a transformation, with $550 million in funds going toward a global Ford Focus production. Ford promises by 2011, what once produced the Navigator and Expedition will now deliver little Ford Focuses running on lithium-ion batteries. It’s a good investment for a company in need of transformation. Certainly it’s great for the environment. And according to the organization Green For All, this type of move toward a green economy is also an opportunity to help individuals get out of poverty.

The current growth in green technologies has opened up research for many different alternatives. As companies change their focus, their needs are expanding as well. Ford’s investment is expected to create 3,200 new jobs in Michigan. Good news when the current unemployment rate at it’s highest since 1983. Green For All is focused on helping unemployed blue-collar workers become “green collar-workers.” Founded by Van Jones, recently appointed President Obama's special adviser for Green Jobs, the organization believes “the national effort to curb global warming and oil dependence can simultaneously create well-paid green-collar jobs, safer streets and healthier communities.” Learn more about their efforts at


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