Previewing Two Concepts at Geneva 2009

The Geneva Auto Show is my personal favorite show in the circuit and this year's opens on March 5.

For me, there are two highly anticipated world premiere concept cars at this year's show. The first is a Tesla-inspired, 268 hp all-electric roadster called the Lampo (Italian for 'Lightning'). The Lampo is made by Protoscar, a small automaker in the canton (member state) of Ticino in Switzerland. The Lampo's 33.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack gives the vehicle a 200 km range, and require about 12 hours to fully recharge.

You can check out more about the Lampo through the maker's downloads page.

The second is the 174 hp Rinspeed iChange, a flexible all-electric sportscar that changes body design depending on how many passengers it has (which is why they call it a "1-2-3 seater"). This is the kind of almost too-brilliant creativity many have come to expect from Rinspeed, which tends to premiere an eye-opening concept every year in Geneva.

I recently featured Rinspeed's 2008 Geneva premiere here on, the 007-ready Rinspeed sQuba.

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